Yes, this place is awesome! My mother has been there for the past 10 months and gets great care and attention :) she seems to enjoy it very much! I’m forever grateful for the loving care my mom receives from all the wonderful staff at Madison Manor!
— Jenn
We feel fortunate to have found such a beautiful place for our mother to spend her last days. The care and emotional support she received was outstanding, and the food was exceptional. So many times the staff went above and beyond what was required, Mom considered it Home.
— Donna Hallowes
I have such appreciation for the compassionate care you and everyone at Madison Manor have shown my Mum. It has lowered my concern, worry and stress. Thank-you for being the kind of facility that offers hope for those of us with aging parents.
— Julie Isaac
Brett, Andrew and I appreciated your flexibility with having us all descend on Madison last week, and allowing us to spend some important time with Betty. I’m just so grateful she had you, and your people, to care for her, keep her comfortable, and love her.

We appreciate it so very, very much, and I’ll be forever thankful that her last years were spent with you.
— Love, Kim Hessel
Georgia, my wife, was diagnosed with dementia. It was difficult to watch as my wife became dependant on others for the most basic things. When it became apparent that we could no longer keep her at home, we began searching for options. We were looking for a home that would provide a home enviroment that offered exceptional care. We wanted to find a place that provided her with freedom of movement, a place where we could visit her freely and comfortably and where she was treated with dignity and respect in all areas of her life.

We were fortunate to find Madison Manor in Nanton and we placed Georgia in there in April 2016.

I don’t know how my wife could have been better cared for. Not only did they care for her but they loved her. We worked as a team and I never felt alone in trying to care for Georgia. I believe she did understand this was her home and she was content and happy until she passed away in January 2017.

I will always be grateful to Madison Manor for their care, compassion and understanding shown to Georgia and my family.

I would recommend Madison Manor. They have a unqiue offering to provide the highest quality of care. Please feel free to contact me anytime for information about Madison Manor, and the care that Georgia recived there.
— David Anderson
In March of 2015, our mother required more care than we were able to give as a family. We looked extensively for a facility that would provide a similar kind of home environment that offered exceptional quality of care. We were fortunate to find Madison Manor in Nanton. Our mother was placed in March 2015 and remained until November 2016. There were so many wonderful things we could share about our stay at Madison Manor. Four things stood out the most: the feeling of home, the family atmosphere, the exceptional skilled staff and the warmth of conversations or ongoing interaction with residents and staff.

Was it the home cooked meals, scrumptious desserts at parties, the spacious rooms throughout the building, the excellent services in laundry or housekeeping, the surrounding landscaped areas to walk in, or the flexibility in the day when a few would gather to chat by the fire? A feeling of home, flexible, supportive and safe – a family/staff committed to helping seniors to live life in the best way possible.

Like family, familiar faces were always present and welcoming. Highly skilled staff were attentive to our mother’s personal needs, and provided the friendly redirection or guidance she required on a daily basis. Opportunities for her to partake in recreation and other activities kept her in conversation with other residents or staff members. She remained active and enjoyed her life.

Her laughter spoke to us the most as she, at her best, would be quite witty and funny. These characteristics only came out when she felt well cared for and safe. Open communication, along with warm interactions fostered her well-being in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. The thing we enjoyed the most about Madison was that they celebrated aging. To consider transitioning to another facility was not a concern for us, as Madison provided the long-term care we needed and allowed our mother to move into later stages of dementia.

The care we found at Madison Manor was primarily focused on the residents, and the experiences we had with our mother during her stay were, and still are, memorable. We found the smiles to be heartfelt, the interactions to be real and nurturing, and the care to be genuine. It was what we had hoped for; a lifestyle she would desire...
— The Hink/Taylor Family